Hope's Melody

Jeanna Kunce, (art by Craig Kunce)

Hardcover, 144 pages, 24 b/w illustrations

Ages 5–10


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$14 Softcover

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Eight-year-old Abigail is conflicted about whether to continue public school or go to music school. While she loves singing, playing ukulele, and writing songs, she isn’t sure she is ready to make such a big change. If she chooses music school, will she make new friends? Will she be good enough?
Before she can decide, she wakes to find that her favorite stuffed animal has come to life and needs to go on a quest to find his lost friends who are tied to the magic of children’s imaginations. If they don’t find the others and return them to their living state, the fate of the world’s sparkle and creativity will be undone. Can they do it in time? Ride along with Abigail as she searches for both the missing animals and who she wants to be. Features pen-and-ink illustrations with watercolor. Includes 10 bonus pages of fun activities!


Product Details
ISBN 13: 9781944734084
Publisher: Windhill Books LLC
Publication Date: November 1, 2016
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

Features 24 Illustrations Inside

Free Crosswords and Learning Activites
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Meet the Author

Jeanna Kunce
As a child, Jeanna spent her free time in the woods with a backpack full of adventure supplies, snacks, and books. When all her books at home were read—some multiple times—she began writing her own stories. She fondly remembers passing her days reading and writing under the trees that shadowed the bubbly little creek near her house. As an adult, she worked as a graphic designer and art director, and now spends many gratifying hours teaching her two energetic and creative children. When they’re not “doing school,” Jeanna and her family enjoy gardening, building, cooking, and having art time. The idea for Darien began ten years ago, first as a daydream, then a hobby. Finally it flourished into a passion, more of a calling than a career. “The story seemed to take on a life of its own,” Jeanna says. “The really great part was when I would write something completely spontaneous. I would look back in surprise, thinking, wow, I never planned for that to happen, but it feels right to me. That creative flow has an almost magical aspect to it—if you believe in magic, that is,” she adds with a wink. Jeanna lives in Wisconsin, nestled between tree-covered bluffs and the Mississippi River, with her husband and children. She hopes to inspire a love of reading, daydreaming, and creativity through her stories.



Meet the Illustrator

Craig Kunce
Craig is a dad, artist, author, and educator. He’s always been an artist, and always loved a good short story, so it was only a matter of time before he found himself writing and illustrating children’s books! He writes and illustrates many fun and adventurous children’s books fashioned after his own experiences as a child, and what he sees his own children do everyday. He sincerely hopes that his books will bring parents and children together to spend quality time reading, laughing and thinking about wild ideas!




A deftly crafted and consistently entertaining novel for young readers ages 5 to 9, "Hope's Melody" showcases author Jeanna Kunce's impressive flair for originality and storytelling. —Midwest Book Review


This book is very sweet. You can feel the magic building as you read along. It would be an excellent read aloud in a classroom or at home with your kids. My kids enjoyed all enjoyed it (ages 5-13). As a bonus there are lots of fun activities related to the characters in the back of the book. Looking forward to reading more books by Jeanna Kunce. —Amanda, Barnes & Noble customer review


We are from La Crosse and received this book from a family member. My 8 year old daughter loves it and wants more! She even wrote her own book called Hopes, Dreams and Melodies. Don't worry...I won't let her publish it. Please write more books and available on Amazon! —Carrie, Amazon customer review



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